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    Star Skeleton made out of Pike cleaners - easy for younger kids too!!

    3 white chenille stems
    2 white skinny chenille stems
    1 large white pom pom
    scrap of felt, any color (2" x 2")
    scrap of white paper (2" x 2")
    black marker
    white craft glue
    Cover table with newspaper, a plastic tablecloth or even an old shower curtain. Cut skinny chenille stems into the following pieces:
    5- 2" pieces (ribs)
    10- 3/4" pieces (fingers)
    Cut regular chenille stems into the following pieces:
    5" (body and neck)
    3" (shoulders)

    2 pieces at 3 1/2" each (arms)
    2 1/2" (hips)
    2 pieces at 4 1/2" each (legs)
    4 pieces at 1" each (hands & feet)
    First, put the hands together by gluing five fingers to a hand piece. Repeat for other hand. Allow these to dry completely before adding to your skeleton.
    To put your skeleton together, first twist the shoulder piece about 1" down from the top of the neck and body piece. Next, twist the hip piece at the bottom of the body piece.
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