free mario badescu skin care samples


go to:

you will see a pargraph that pops up and says salon and spa services at the top. At the bottom of this paragraph you will see the word questionare in green. Click on it and fill out the questioniare about your skin. It will show you the recommended products for your skin, but just close out the page. In about 1 to 2 days they will send you a e-mail that will have a link for you to click to get your free samples.

These are good size samples. The first sample pack got had 9 samples. 2 face cleaners, 3 toners, 1 moisterizer, 1 drying cream, 1 eye cream, 1 mask. It lasted me over a week. I fell in love with this product so my husband ordered me another sample pack.

It came with 1 bigger size face cleaner, 1 bigger size toner, 1 eye cream, 2 moisterizers, and a mask