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    Star 3 FREE for Dummies books (Availability; Fault Tolerance; Virtualization)

    These free books bring you up to date on two of the industry's important concepts.

    Fault Tolerance for Dummies
    If 99% system availability ever really was good enough for most businesses, it isn't today! With increased demand for 24/7 services delivery, companies today simply can't afford any downtime. This book shows you how to get your systems to at least 99.999% uptime. With real-life examples of how fault-tolerant solutions are used across all kinds of industries, this handy guide helps you decide the level of availability you need to stay on top.

    Virtualization for Dummies
    Find out how to protect your assets when you make the move to virtualization. A huge amount of computing power goes untapped in a typical data center and virtualization allows companies to take advantage of this untapped capacity. However, now your business is now more dependent than ever on the stability of a small number of virtual machines. Be sure you understand the needs of your environment, and create a virtualization project plan to protect yourself against disaster.

    Availability for Dummies

    Find out everything you need to know about different types of availability and how to pick one that best matches your business needs. This book also discusses how the latest server fashion trend virtualization is making every business yearn for even more availability. Finally, it explains that, when it comes to availability, no one offers a range of easy-to-use, affordable solutions to meet every need like Stratus does.

    Stratus Technologies : Library : "Dummies" Books


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