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The OMEGA Temperature Handbook 5th Edition Available Now !
The Flow, Level, and Environmental Green Book?Volume MMVII 7th Edition
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The OMEGA Made In The USA Edition Handbook
The Purchasing Agent Edition for Purchasing Agents/Buyers ONLY
For Full Edition w/Technical Info See 5th Edition or Made in USA - Above
No Longer Available The Temperature Handbook? 21st Century? Edition
See The Made in USA or 5th Edition Above!
The Pressure, Strain and Force Handbook? 21st Century Edition?
Special 8 Page Insert on Pressure Gauges or Download Now!
The Data Acquisition Systems Handbook? 21st Century? Edition
The OMEGA Environmental Green Book
The Flow and Level Handbook? 21st Century? Edition
The Electric Heaters Handbook? 21st Century? Edition

No Longer Available BOOK of BOOKS? Update Scientific & Technical Books for the Engineer - Dilbert? Edition
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Transactions and other Technical Reference
A technical reference series brought to you by OMEGA
Transactions Volume 1 Infrared
Transactions Volume 2 Data Acquisition
Transactions Volume 3 Pressure
Transactions Volume 4 Flow and Level
The OMEGA? Temperature TECHNICAL Handbook
New Horizons?
No Longer Available New Horizons? in Data Acquisition Systems (Version 17)- DILBERT? Edition (U.S./Canada Dist. Only)
No Longer Available New Horizons? in Data Acquisition Systems (Version 18)- DILBERT? Edition (U.S./Canada Dist.Only)
New Horizons? in Infrared Non-Contact Temperature Measurement? - DILBERT? Edition (U.S./Canada Dist.Only) Upcoming Edition
No Longer Available OMEGASCIENTIFIC? Timely Introducing Scientific Instruments? - DILBERT? Edition (U.S./Canada Dist.Only) Download Only
No Longer Available OMEGATEMP? New Horizons? in Temperature, Measurement and Control - DILBERT? Edition (U.S./Canada Dist.Only) Download Only
CONTROLCAT? New Horizons? in Pressure, Flow, and Everything Else - DILBERT? Edition (U.S./Canada Dist.Only) or Download
GREENCAT? New Horizons? In Environmental Measurement & Instrumentation or Download
OMEGACAT? in Pressure Measurement and Instrumentation or Download
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OMEGADYNE? Mil-Spec and Agency Approved Sensors New - Available Now!
Pressure, Force, Strain, and Temperature Applications for Land, Sea, Air, and Space or Download

OMEGADYNE? Pressure, Force, Load and Torque

Multimedia CD-ROM
OMEGA's Made in the USA CD-ROM

OMEGA Multimedia CD-ROM

Newport? Volume VII CD-ROM
Dilbert Deck Cards
(U.S./Canada Dist.Only)
Dilbert Deck Cards

Free OMEGA Giant Posters
Chart of Dimensionless Numbers
Radio Frequencies

No Longer Available American Pride U.S. Flag Poster