Your free 2-week Bally Membership includes:
Usage of the Bally Total Fitness or Bally Sports Club of your choice.
Access to all Group Exercise classes including Cardiovascular, Resistance Training Toning, and
Flexibility workouts and specialty classes such as Pilates, Boxing, and more
Access to our new online weight loss program, Built To Fitsm, the perfect balance between
nutrition, exercise and support.
A 1-hour one-on-one session with a Ballysm Personal Trainer where they will help you:
Determine your current body composition by measuring your Height, Weight, Body Fat
Percentage and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).
Assess your fitness levels with 3 nationally standardized tests
Cardiovascular Endurance FIT Test
Muscular Fitness Curl-Up Test
Flexibility Sit and Reach Test
Experience a dynamic workout including High-Intensity Exercise, Calisthenics and
Ply metrics, Small Apparatus Exercise and Active Recovery
Cool down with a relaxing partner-assisted stretch
Gain access to the knowledge you need for your own Total Fitness plan.