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    Welcome to Racket Smash, your tennis destination covering the latest
    hotspots, how-tos, and gear releases.

    Racket Smash will give tennis players around the world a place to
    socialize and call home.

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    Racket Smash

    Lifefitter to release tennis social network RacketSmash in private beta.

    Columbia, SC: Today, Lifefitter Networks announced Racketsmash, a new
    social network dedicated to the tennis community. The site is accepting
    requests for invitations to the beta program, and will be released in

    private beta within the next 45 days.

    "The Tennis community has gotten pretty fragmented," said General
    Manager Bobby Redfern. "There are several leagues around town, but its
    hard to keep track of who's doing what. With Racketsmash, we'll have
    one centralized place to find courts, players and gear."


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