Safeguarding Your Future: One Student Loan at a Time

Choosing the best way to finance your college education is one of the most important decisions you will make. But, as you know, school is not cheap. So, how will you pay for college? The Attorney General's Office has produced an educational DVD to guide you through the often confusing and complex road to financing your education. Safeguarding Your Future: One Student Loan at a Time will teach you about funding options, ways to minimize borrowing, and how to choose a loan that is best for you. The video also shows you how to use your student rights under new state and federal laws to avoid pitfalls in the college loan industry. The video is being distributed to every school in the state, but if you would like to order a free copy just fill out the online form below. The facts and advice in the DVD are also included in our brochure for students and their parents.

Here's the link to the page with the information and the DVD sign up form:

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