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    Fire Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya

    Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya

    3 lb chicken pieces, bone in
    3 lb sweet sausages
    2 lb potatoes, washed and cubed
    4 green peppers, seeds removed and cut up
    4 onions, cut up
    1/4 cup vegetable oil
    salt and pepper to taste

    Cajun type spice mix, if desired

    Combine first five ingredients in a large foil roasting pan. Drizzle oil on top and toss together until coated. Add spices and toss again. Cover with heavy duty aluminum foil and place on a preheated grill or campfire grate (over hot coals, not flames). Cook for approx 50 - 60 minutes, stirring mixture several times. Check meat for doneness.
    Servings: 8 Preparation time: 20 minutes
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