Harvest Angel

By Tammy Jones, HGTV.com

Let this charming angel welcome guests and bless your home with a
bountiful harvest this fall. You can make her as large or as small as you
want, and the alternatives for her wings, "skirt" and halo are endless.
All of the supplies can be found at a floral or craft store.
about 6" plastic foam ball
fabric (enough to wrap ball plus 6")
small broom, large floral spray, etc.
plastic foam ring for halo
orange tissue or crepe paper
floral picks, small plastic fruits/veggies
2 small sparkly gold floral picks
Offray "Autumn" or "Harvest" ribbon
6-8 large stems of autumn leaves
scrap block of foam for wing base
glue gun w/glue sticks
22- to 30-gauge wire
craft glue
pinking shears
hair pins, floral pins, etc.
wire cutters

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D

Figure E

1. Insert the end of the large floral spray (her skirt) into the
Styrofoam ball (figure A). This forms the basic body for the angel. Note:
The floral spray I used for her body/skirt was made up of multiple long
plastic stems. To add interest and depth, I curled the ends of some
pieces by pulling them over the flat edge of scissors, like you would
curl ribbon ends when giftwrapping.
2. Wrap the ball with the fabric and tie off the bottom around the floral
stem with wire. Make a loop for hanging after knotting the wire. Trim the
ends of the fabric with pinking shears.
3. Lay the angel face down and wrap wire around the floral stem under the
fabric a couple of times as shown in figure A. Leave about 12 inches on
each end of the wire and set aside.
4. Trim ends of leaf stems as necessary and insert into the scrap block
of Styrofoam to form her wings (figure B). I had two stems each of
various colors and types of leaves, so I used one of each color on both
5. Lay the wings face down on the back of the angel and use the wire ends
from step 3 to attach the Styrofoam block (figure C).
6. To make the halo: Coat the Styrofoam ring with craft glue and cover it
with orange crepe or tissue paper. This doesn't have to be neat--it won't
7. Snipping off wire ends as necessary, insert various fruits, veggies

and flowers from floral picks, etc., into the halo and secure with glue.
The tissue paper provides a surface to adhere these to, so you can use
your glue gun without melting the Styrofoam. Remember to get the edges
and some of the underside, too, because it might show, depending on how
high you hang your angel.
8. When you're pleased with the halo, snip apart the gold floral picks
and use them to accent the halo with a bit of gold sparkle (figure D).
Secure the pieces with your glue gun.
9. Use the U-shaped pins or floral pins and/or hot glue to secure the
halo to the angel's head.
10. Tie a ribbon bow around her neck (figure E).
- Use buttons or other embellishments to create her eyes, nose and mouth.

- Make a face of felt cutouts and use raffia or straw hair to make a
scarecrow angel.
- Add hair made of yarn in long braided pigtails or ponytails (glue hair
on head before the halo).
- Embellish the halo further by tying on long strands of ribbon.
- Use a small straw hat instead of a halo to create a gardening angel.
Dress her in children's overalls and stuff gardening gloves and a little
garden trowel in her pockets.

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