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    Star Carina Nebula Printable Wall Mural

    Carina Nebula Printable Wall Mural

    HubbleSite - Gallery - Wall Murals

    The site has individual frame downloads or you can download them all at once.

    Make a wall of your home into a picture window onto the universe.

    Our large wall murals provide a dazzling, gallery-quality view of the cosmos. This black-and-white image of the Carina Nebula shows a region of tremendous star birth and death 7,500 light years away from Earth. The nebula is home to Eta Carinae, one of the most massive stars in the universe, prone to unpredictable, violent outbursts.
    8 Panel Murals
    80" x 40" Mural (6-foot 8-inch by 3-foot 4-inch)

    Each of the 8 panels will fill a 20" x 20" frame (illustrated above). Ask your printer to use standard 20"x30" paper for each panel. A map showing the panel's orientation will be printed on the paper, which you will need to cut off to make a 20"x20" panel.

    Select a panel to download now.


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