I am fixing to be out of a job soon, I will still have the other one, but I can't make these bills on only one job. I want to keep the job I will have left so I am going to be left to figure this one out on my own. I drive trucks, which is the job that will continue, so online games that earn gift certificates or cash may be the way to go with this issue.
I am already a member of boomertowne (waiting on gift cards), gather (I love this site and they do pay in gc), winster (I just joined today, but I love it already), and mypoints (I don't do any of the offers as I don't have a credit card, so this is a slow process). I have been a member of memomail, but that's useless, the points just don't add up for me, once again I only read the emails.
I was hoping that someone here would know about some sites that really do pay out so I can get this process started asap.
Thanks in advance,