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    Question What Now?

    Ok,I have heard alot about "writting it down and getting it in writting"
    I,for onr have never done this(my son is now in 5th grade.) What things
    should I be writitng down to ask at the meeting? What things stand out
    to you guys that I can write down? Any suggestions on soultions that I
    can write to be added to his IEP as well? Any thing in my last post
    called"DISCOVERIES"jump out at you please let me know. I am going to
    the meeting and I want toget this straight once and for all! I

    appreciate all of you comments,help and suggestions and helping me out
    thru all this mess.
    Thanks so much

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    This is how to write a Good Plan:
    Wrightslaw Game Plan: Writing SMART IEPs by Pete Wright & Pam Wright

    Question: What should I bring to an IEP meeting?


    • If you have a folder or notebook of specialist reports, or any other material on your child that will be helpful in determining an appropriate program for him or her, bring it along.

    • If there are articles you feel offer important information on the educational needs of children with your child’s diagnosis or background, bring a copy for every member of the team.

    • Bring a pad of paper to take notes; if you’ve had problems in the past with team members saying something in a meeting and disavowing all knowledge of it later, you might bring a tape recorder.

    • Bring a copy of your child’s last IEP.

    • If there are classroom papers or report cards that you are concerned about, bring them along.

    • Bring a photograph of your child to put on the table during your discussion, to help everybody keep in mind that they are discussing a person and not a collection of statistics.

    • If you’re comfortable doing so, bring treats. A plate of cookies or box of candy can put everybody in a good mood, and that’s not a bad place to start.

    Here is a resource I found:
    Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) - FAQs, Articles, Tips, Cases, Free Publications about IEPs from

    Yeah, This is my life now!



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