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I finally got my sons current IEP,and Can someone please tell me where to locate a behavior plan and a sensory diet(if thereis one to find) as I don't see either one,and he was supposed to have a sensory diet in place last year! Also the school knows that my son is ADHD non-medicated,due to his

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    Unhappy Discoveries(long)

    I finally got my sons current IEP,and Can someone please tell me
    where to locate a behavior plan and a sensory diet(if thereis one to
    find) as I don't see either one,and he was supposed to have a sensory
    diet in place last year!
    Also the school knows that my son is ADHD non-medicated,due to his
    kidney damage,but yet they say things in the IEP like:"He responds
    well to social skills designed to minimize problematic
    behaviors,however he demonstrates signficant difficulty applying
    these skills in real-life situations at school.ANY LACK OF
    Now knowing they know his situation on the non-med issue,shouldn't
    they be able to do something to help children who are not medicated?
    I know my son is not the only child out there who doesn't take meds
    for ADHD and they are learning and coping in school. ALso the
    refrence above is clearly "reading between the lines"for saying
    ADHD,should they keep harping on this issue? Or shouldn't their focus
    be trying to find ways to help him?
    Also here is another thing thats got me miffed in his IEP:"NEGITIVE
    LUNCH,RECESS AND ON THE BUS."I was told by my son that when the bell
    rings at 3:05,everyone leaves.He told me there is no "bus duty
    teacher"or anyone to watch him until he gets on the bus.I asked him
    what would happen if someone bullied you or bother you who would you
    tell? He just shrugged his shoulders and said I guess I have to
    handle it my self? With what was stated inthe IEP above,should he be
    just left to "handle it" his self? He does sit in the front by the
    bus driver,but still I would think the school should be better
    organized then that!Are they waiting for something to happen before
    they do something and then they tend to blame the child with
    the "SN's"over the other kid?
    I was also remembering that in 3rd grade,he was in resource,and he
    had a regular Home Room amd was able to go to art and mucis,as well
    as P.E.,then in fourth it went to resource and "SLC"(which I always
    thought was resource,found out this year it was a "SLC" and he went
    to art,music,and P.E. This year(fifth) its all SLC! To me he is going
    backwards instead of forwards! He has always been on the honor roll
    and I remember that if you weren't failing that you would keep moving
    ahead little by little to full mainstream classes but he is going

    My daughter had mild ADHD and they did not consider her for
    medication either,she had resource classes up till high school,she
    never learned multiplication or any thing after that,the teacher said
    that she knows it she just doesn't want to do it,I didn't believe
    that as when I was a child,I was delayed in reading as well as
    math,but something they did clicked and I got the hang of reading and

    read quite well,but I never learned anything futher then
    Multiplication(knowing all except 6,7,8,9,)I could never memorize or
    learn them and tot his day I have a block when it comes to them. I
    haven't got any futher in math either,but I graduated 12th grade!
    How?? If anyone cared and saw me struggling it wasn't known and I
    slipped through the school system,as for my daughter she dropped out
    in her last year ,she would of slipped throgh as well if she
    continued. I was mainstreamed,my daughter had all regular classes
    except math. I do not want what happened to me and my daughter happen
    to my son,of course my son has more problems then either of us but
    something has to be done to help him.It just seems like they put him
    in there becaus ethey didn't know where to place him!When I go to
    these IEP meetings I feel so nervous,and frustrated because usally,I
    feel they are all against me and I have no idea what the darn papers
    mean,I hate going to these mettings. I do have a lady who will be
    going with me from the Disablity Coaliation. I hope with her there
    she can get something done.Cause every day its a diffrent story!
    Any advice,opinions or suggestions are welcomed,I am in
    Searcy,Arkansas.I know of no other support groups/advocates besides
    The Disablity Coaliation.Thanks

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    The "diagnosis" they have is just a lot of fuzzy words.. He has short attention span, and poor impulse control and he wiggles.

    The next part of the plan should outline in detail how and what will happen when his attention span, or impulsivity becomes a problem in his ability to learn. What exact steps may and should the teachers take to redirect, or help him focus? What teaching techniques are they modifying to help teach him with his handicap? Are they implementing things such as a computer or tape recorder or? any other identified methods of aiding this child to learn.

    These children function best in a highly structured place, like the classroom that is modified to attend to his needs. These kids let loose in unstructured times and this is common. It is nothing to be offended about.

    An IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) should 1.- show the handicapping conditions and problems. 2.- show the strengths and weaknesses of the child
    3.- have a multi-faceted behavior plan to deal with each behavior.

    If the IEP doesn't have all this.... it is worthless. However, a good teacher is better than a perfect IEP anyday, and a good teacher can work with a bad IEP and do well. However, most teachers are overloaded, and lost. They NEED a good IEP to follow. You must become the teacher's best friend, explaining what works and what doesn't work and helping the teachers to work efficiently with the child. The NEEDS OF THE CHILD BY BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS MUST COME FIRST IN THE IEP. No needs of school, teacher or parent may supersede the needs of that child. Remember that and always come back to the needs of the child....... that will ensure a better IEP. Hope this helps a little....dash

    P.S. some of my suggestions based on what you have said.

    I would suggest based on their own words that they have your son in a role playing support group to learn the skills that he needs to have ... another words the school should create a "real-life" simulated place for him to practice and learn the skills that he needs. Older kids can be recruited from high schools that are going into the field of Sp Ed and kids of his own age, to create this support group. It doesn't have to cost the school a lot, and the rewards to the teacher and your son would be great.

    Medication is not the school's business. This is a medical decision.......end of question. They MUST work with what they have. They can't demand and should drop this subject. You have every right to tell them this in a very sweet manner. It is contraindicated medically. The school is not qualified to make this decision... and they have no right none what so ever to harp on this. They are looking for a smooth easy solution for THEM. Again ...... only the needs of the child matter.... keeping that in focus makes the IEP creation easier and it in the end works for all, the school, teachers, mom and the kid.

    You can have someone with your son in the halls and even to the bus. (My son was escorted from the bus in the morning, to each classroom, to the bus at night and always there was an adult with him.) I am not sure about ON the bus. Usually the bus is run by someone outside the school, but the school is not off the hook. Your son has the right to be free of harassment and fear.

    You have to get this into the IEP or it does NOT have to happen.

    What is slc?

    Tell your lady from the coalition all that you have written here. Tell her all your concerns. Get as much in writing as you can. This is maddening and you almost have to be a lawyer, but you can do this. You just have to know that you and your son have these rights and then demand them. The school will push you around if you don't know your rights. Everyone is overworked and underpaid, except administration.

    Tell yourself you CAN do this... and your son is worth doing it for... and don't let anyone intimidate you. ASK questions about the paper work. Actually the law says that the school must EDUCATE to your it is their responsibility that you understand the paper work. Honest!!!! So just ask tons of questions, and you can preface it with.......I don't understand this, and I believe it is important and can you tell me..... and can have as many meetings as it takes to get that IEP done.. you can stop it if you get overwhelmed and tell them that you want to come back and to reschedule to continue. That is also the law. Hang in there (((((((hugs)))))) dash

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    Christina Coyle



    Do you think he can learn? Does he have as much problems at home? What I’m reading is that he will be put into a room with a babysitter, taught nothing, and then send out into the world with no skills. I ran into a road block like this, and pulled my son out of school. You might want to think about homeschooling. You can teach him 100% better than they can…

    If you need any advice on how to do this, I know it’s scary, but think about your child.

    Christina Coyle

    Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

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    Fairlee Corkran



    If you don t want to homeschool does the school offer a tutoring program? Have

    a great day and God bless-Fairlee

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    Hey there Dash! Thanks for your help! SLC is a structured learning class and the thing that gets me is that he is going backwards instead of forwards!
    I didnt know alot of what you meationed could be done,they never suggest anything like you have meationed here!

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    When you work on the GOALs of the IEP, and there must be goals, and measurable goals at that... figure out what you that he must move forward and not backwards, and get it into writing in the IEP. REMEMBER THIS IS A RULE OF LAW.... IF IT IS NOT IN WRITING.......IT DOESN'T EXIST..... THIS is a rule across the board... because the IEP is a legal document.

    You don't have to sign the IEP until you approve of it. You can make them write it and then take it home and stufy it and think about it and reconvene and tell them what you want changed, or re written if you don't agree or understand... YOU have tons of rights.. YOU just need to KNOW that you do, or you will lose them... dash

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    I had considered this and really Home schooling isn't an option forme at this time.I do not think my son will comply to me teaching him anyways.

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    You can't get tutoring unless it is in the IEP and there is a real reason for it and everyone has to agree to that. dash


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