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    Piggy "Fancy" green bean side dish for $3

    I had to bring a side dish to a dinner party where the main course
    was a seafood lasagna. So I made this up--for less than $5--and
    received many serious compliments and recipe requests.

    From farmer's market:
    1 pound of green beans ($2.00)
    1/2 red bell pepper ($1)

    From fridge/cupboard:
    Big scoop of chopped garlic
    1/4 c. of sliced almonds
    1/2 c. shaved or grated parmesan
    lemon juice, salt, garlic pepper

    Pour a liberal amount of olive oil in a skillet. Toss in the garlic
    and stir it as it browns. Add the sliced almonds and saute the mix.
    Add snapped green beans (about 2" long pieces) and saute until beans
    are bright green. Add diced red bell pepper. Stir for a couple of

    Add a dash or two of salt plus a squeeze of lemon juice (and a little
    garlic pepper if you have it). When ready to serve, heat and toss
    with parmesan.

    You can make this up to half a day before serving.


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    Thank you for this recipe! I acutally didn't have any almonds so I used chopped walnuts. Amazingly it was delicious, but I really want to try it with the almonds. Thank you!

    Yeah, This is my life now!



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