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    Piggy OT: Adult Day Care

    I am planning to do some adult day care activities with my scouts in a
    local adult daycare facility. We will be visiting first, to get an
    idea of the function level and interest of the adults. I was thinking
    that this group had such creative minds, I'd ask if anyone had some

    ideas of what we could do while there. Some of the girl's suggestions
    were no-bake cookies, singing, crafts, etc.

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    You didn’t specify which type facility you were visiting – is it for Alzheimer patients? If so, please remember that their short term memory is what they lose but their long term memory is still mostly intact. I was a nurse for this type patient and they were amazingly detailed about events that had happened 30-60 years prior but couldn’t remember what they had for breakfast or even remember my name (sometimes right after I told them). They all seem to love children and just want to talk to them. And not to alarm you, but some Alzheimer patients have a tendency for violent outbursts; it’s just one of the horrible effects of the disease.

    If it’s just for adults needing some assistance with everyday activities, that is a totally different ballgame. They love to have company and can spend hours just talking; especially about the past. This would be a wonderful opportunity to learn about history for the kids – I know mine were always amazed by the stories they heard! They can also participate in crafts (although it is at a slower pace) and love sing-alongs (be sure and get period music unless it is around the holidays and then do the classics). I would be sure and coordinate any cooking with the staff at the facility due to any particular diet restrictions (especially diabetes).

    Our residents loved singing, talking, bingo (really any game in which they could win small trinkets!) and being outside. I think this is such a great idea – good luck and have funJ Yolonda

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    What a great thing to do!! What about having the adults tell what their lives were like when they were the kids ages? Technology changes so quickly some of the kids my be surprised about how people passed the time without IPods or the Internet!


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    stephanie gros


    I am thinking day trips. I mean, sort of an explore our area type of thing, now before the cold starts, or wait til after the heat stops depending on where you live. Kinda like learn the history of the area you live, let them ask questions, take photos.
    Also have you considered a day of doing something recreational at the park? Here we have one day or all week long exercise days, swim days, etc,etc.
    I would also consider maybe something with another adult daycare group, kinda like break the monotiny of looking at the same people all of the time kinda thing.
    I hope this helps,


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    Kim Mangels


    Bingo would be a good activity. You could use small freebies(or
    Dollar Tree items) as prizes.



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