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Thread: Freezing Brauts

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    Piggy Freezing Brauts

    My husband went to see a friend whose parents own a grocery store. He
    came back with 12 packages of Brauts! How can I freeze them and not
    have freezer burn be an issue? Most likely we will go through 2
    packages a month, if that.


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    Re: : Freezing Brauts

    I do it all the time. You might want to cook them first if you are concerned. dash

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    joann stefurak


    Re:Freezing Brauts

    You can cook the Brauts the usual way that you do at your home. Then put them in ziploc bags ( the serving size that you use in your home of course). Then when you are ready for that quickie meal -- you can reheated in no time at all. They won't have a freezer taste, I like to saute onions and green peppers and serve on a warm bun -Yummy.

    JoAnn in N. Ohio

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    Sarah Long


    I freeze them all the time in their orriginal packaging and then let them thaw out completely before I cook them. I've never had a problem with freezer burn or an "off" taste.



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