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    Question Question about my garden/crops

    This is my first time gardening and I started my garden late this
    year, but have had some wonderful peas and cukes so far! The
    tomatoes are almost ripe and the parsley is good. I have some beets
    and carrots also, but I have no idea when to pick them! How do you

    know when they are ready? Can anyone help?
    Jennifer in MA

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    Re: : Question about my garden/crops

    I don't know about beets. Tomatoes when they are red. Parsley can be used I think at any time.....and keep cutting and using and you can take some indoors and use all winter. Mine didn't come up. The carrots can stay in ground a longer time. You can use anytime but you can cover them and take them out in quite late fall. Peas as you like them, and cukes you don't want to get too big for slicing as the seeds get tough. I would pick them when they are about as big around as 2 1/2 inches or so .... for eating. Hope this helps. dash

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    Is anyone planting new things for the fall, if so, what? And when?




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