Clean graters! Halve a lemon and run the pulpy side over it. Any food
stuck in the crevices will pop right out. Leaving a citrus aroma behind
even after you rinse
A better brew: Nothing ruins a cup of coffee like buildup from your
coffeepot. To banish it swirl lemon wedges, salt and a cup of ice in he
pot for a few mins.Then dump and rinse for a sparkling clean coffeepot
and an unbeatable brew
Fishy smells foiled! Combat fishy odors before cooking. Boiling shrimp?
Toss a lemon half into the water.Frying or baking fish? Squeeze lemon
juice on when it's still raw. It will enhance it's flavor while
neutralizing and absorbing odors
No clump rice! Use this secret to perfectly cooked rice. Add a spoonful
of lemon juice to the boiling water before adding the rice. You won't
taste the citrus and the rice will be fluffy
Banish blemishes! Mix equal parts lemon juice (a natural bacteria

zapper) and toner and dab on blemishes. Wait 10 mins. Then rinse for a
cleaner complexion
Banish bad breath: For an effective all natural mouthwash. Just swish
lemon juice around your mouth and then rinse

When life feels tough just remember that your determination has seen you
through the roughest days and that includes this one too.