Bracelets if your loved one has been deployed

I am making these bracelets available to everyone who has a loved one that has been deployed. No matter where they are stationed. As of 1/01/2006 we have mailed out 202,000 bracelets to all parts of the world. I can't believe that I have almost reached 1/4 million bracelets. So far I have orders for over 260,000 bracelets. Troops around the world request them to send to their families or hang in their barracks. I continue to send bracelets to Army, Air Force, Marine and Navy bases all over the world. If you receive a bracelet and would like to send me your unit patch I am collecting them so that I can see where my bracelets have gone. I will treasure it forever. For the troops: If you can't wear your bracelet because it is not uniform, put it in your pocket and whenever you reach in and feel it there you will know that you are a hero.