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The Nesquik Breakers are a group of influential and active adults assembled to help support Nesquik?s marketing initiatives by executing two creative word-of-mouth activities. This elite team of Nesquik Brand Ambassadors also provides feedback on our products, promotions and marketing efforts as well as other trends in the marketplace. In exchange, Nesquik Breakers can receive coupons for free product and promotional items to share with family, friends, co-workers, and their community. In addition, Breakers can earn a $20 gift card as a thank you for their participation.

Here?s how it works:

* Apply by filling out the screener questionnaire below
* If accepted, we will send you an email link to log into our private website and access your account.
* On the site, you will receive details on how to execute the word-of-mouth activities and you will see Nesquik news, promotions and surveys.

To begin please read our Code of Conduct and complete the form below. Apply soon! The Nesquik Breakers program ends December 31, 2007. Thanks and good luck!