Cabaret Chocolate Sample

To Request a Sample
If you would like to try this new chocolate, please provide the information requested in the form below. We need it to create a diverse pool of testers. Be assured that we will not share this information with anyone. We hate spam and would do nothing to further it.

There will likely be more people requesting samples than we can provide. If your request is selected in our random process, we will contact you by email with more information and to request a name and address to send the sample.

This chocolate is not for sale and you will not be asked to pay any money under any circumstances. The entire purpose of this test is to see whether this new experience is something that people will enjoy and want to buy. So please don?t request a sample if you don?t seriously intend to help us by providing your input.

And please don?t request a sample if you have any trouble with caffeine. Chocolate contains small amounts of caffeine, but significant amounts of theobromine, which is chemically related to caffeine. It?s best to play it safe.