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    Default Wedding Question

    Howdy All,

    My name is Laurie and I joined the group just a week ago. I have
    been enjoying reading all the e-mails.

    A little about me... ) We live in Texas. I am a proud mother of
    2 yo & a 15 yo (both girls). I have been married for almost 17 yo,
    to an AWESOME guy!!

    I joined the group because I will be taking over handling the
    finances next month. So I am trying to look for ways to cut our
    spending as much as possible. Trying to get our of "crisis mode
    finances", which is where we are right now.

    Now to my question, my sister asked me to be her maid of honor last
    year and I was excited therefore quickly said yes....well we were
    financial hit hard through several events...My sisters wedding is at
    the end of next month I need to (1.)buy 2 dresses 1 for my daughter
    and 1 for me (2.) I am responsible for throwing her a shower in 2
    1/2 weeks.

    Question: Does anyone have any advise on how to throw a inexpensive
    bridal shower? "party

    I am looking forward to receiving any wisdom you may have...

    Many Thanks,

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    A slow cooker full of sloppy joes with buns and cheese on the side. Chopped veggies and dip, individual decorated cupcakes or cookies cut in bell shapes (for wedding bells).

    Hot wings in a slow cooker (stays hot on a buffet so guests can go back for more as they like).

    Individual pizzas made on english muffin halves.

    Turkey & cheese; ham & cheese wrapped in pitas. Add a tossed salad on the side. Let people top with tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, croutons, sunnflower seeds, etc.

    Order a part sub (one of those 5 foot things) and add your own side dishes.

    Homemade nachoes with ground turkey, ground beef, shredded chicken, shredded beef, salsa, jalepenos, refried beans, cheese, sour cream and plenty of chips. (We do this for dinner sometimes.) Great! Economical, quick and easy. You can do the meat in a slow cooker so the seasoning is in ther all day and you don't have to watch it so much.


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    A inexpensive shower for a new bride is to invite guest to bring a
    dish with the recipe taped to the dish. The guest eat the food and the
    bride gets the dishes and recipes.

    Another inexpensive way to toss a shower is to buy cheese, crackers
    and thin sliced lunch meats. Have your kids roll the lunch meats, cut
    the cheeses plain or into shapes. Have crackers, tea, coffee and soda.

    To decorate the shower use pictures of her and her future husband when
    they were growing up.

    My neice was married last November, it seemed everytime I turned
    around someone was having some sort of a shower for her. I was going
    broke buying her gifts. So I ended up printing out recipes and budget
    tips. Saved me money and hopefully someday she will learn from the
    budget tips.

    Hope these ideas help.


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    For a shower, first, ask if the other bridesmaids would be willing
    to pitch in towards it, even just $10 from 3 or 4 bridesmaids will
    help cover the cost. Tell them it's not neccessary, but that you are
    financhially tight at the moment, and any help would be appreciated.

    For food, just do a few finger foods, and a couple of desserts.
    Cakes are popular, obviously, but they don't need to be a bakery
    cake to be eaten.

    Make up a batch of brownies, two small cakes, and maybe something
    like a pudding pie. I'll post a recipe for a CHEAP, EASY pudding pie.

    For finger foods, have some chips, pretzals, crackers, and maybe a
    small veggie tray with things like carrots (baby carrots are about
    $1.99 a bag, two bags should be fine for 30 people. Buy a pack of
    celery, cut it into baby carrot size sections, and provide some
    veggie dip to dip them in.

    Here's the pudding pie recipe:
    1 graham cracker crust ($.99 at Save-A-Lot)
    2 packages pudding or 1 large package pudding ($.29 at save-a-lot
    for a small pack, so $.58 total)
    1 tub of whipped cream ($.99 at Save-A-Lot)
    1 package sandwhich cookies ($1.29 at save-a-lot)

    I use chocolate pudding and chocolate sandwhich cookies- Save-a-Lot
    has some identical to Oreo's that work perfectly.

    Mix the pudding up with only HALF the milk required in 2 seperate
    bowls. Mix 1/2 the whipped cream in 1 bowl of pudding. Pour the NON
    whipped topping pudding into the pie crust.

    Next, break about 10 cookies into 4's, and mix them into the whipped
    topping/pudding mix, and pour that over top of the plain pudding in
    the crust.

    Lastly, smooth the left over whipped topping onto the whipped
    topping/pudding/cookie mix, and put it in the fridge. If you use
    canned whipped topping for the top, do NOT put it on until serving-
    it WILL melt. Before serving, break some more cookies in half, and
    insert on the top in a circle. Total cost? $3.85- this goes over
    GREAT with chocolate lovers!

    For party gifts, go to the dollar store. Get some pretty candle
    holders and candles, things like dish towels & pot holders, etc. Use
    those for gifts both to the bride and the prize winners. Some people
    do parties where the gift goes to the bride no matter what, others
    do it so that the winner & the bride get a gift. That's up to you to

    Do something like gift bingo. Give the people each a blank bingo
    grid, and tell them to write in the boxes different gifts you think
    the bride will get. First bingo gets a prize. You run this
    simultaneously as the bride opens her gifts. You can also just do
    this for the only game, since it takes up no time outside of gift
    opening, and several people can win.

    Another game which works for both baby showers and bridal showers is
    to get baby pictures of both the bride and the groom, and mix them
    in with baby pictures of other people (yourself, other bridal party
    members, etc, and post them on a peice of poster board. Have at
    least 3 baby pictures of both the bride and groom, and scatter them
    all around the board, then fill in the space with baby pictures of
    other people (use boys and girls!). Number each picture, and have it
    set up through out the entire shower. Then, after people have had a
    chance to look at it (maybe pass it around?), have them write down
    the numbers they think are the bride & groom. Whoever guesses the
    most numbers correct gets a prize.

    You might want to make certain to have enough prizes on hand for at
    least 2 winners per game, just to be safe.

    Also- for the dress issue, does she have a specific bridal party
    dress picked for your daughter? If not, ask if you can buy a nice
    party dress off the rack at a clothing store. You can find them
    cheaper usually, and most often match the bridal party color.

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    I have seen several successful showers in a park that were potluck.
    everyone brings a dish &(hopefully) they would consult with you, and
    you can coordinate to ensure you don't have 3 potato salads, or
    whatever. You have some great advice I have already read.

    As for games I have a few suggestions, one being real simple;
    in a small bowl fill with one cup of white rice and 1 pack of
    the "VERY" small saftey pins (Usually gold in color) and while
    blindfolded, see who can pick out the most safety pins. Much harder
    than it sounds! Another would be to interview the bride and groom
    with the same questions (Like what first attracted you? What is his
    favorite movie, song, etc) and then ask the bride and see how many
    she can answer correctly. For every wrong answer she has to chew a
    piece of bubble gum (hopefully she only has one or two pieces total)
    and for every answer she gets right you could do something as simple
    as let her open a gift. (last time I saw it, the bride got a dollar
    for every correct answer). I imagine you can change it to suite...
    AND there is always the clothespins or safety pins every guest gets
    and cannot say a certain word, or cannot do something such as cross
    her legs...Very common game.

    The Dollar store has come along ways and also Target has a Dollar
    section now if you have one close by. Gifts can be as simple as
    cookies in a plastic bag and tied with ribbon, the guests are not
    there for the prizes, they are there for the bride. Focus on her!
    As for the decorations, if you have it at a park, you could go as
    simple as a few balloons. Especially if you are in a windy area, it
    would not be wise to do much more (thinking of past disasters at
    windy outdoor parties...ugh)
    As for invitations, you can do them nowadays on the printer and have
    them look very nice. Remember this is the shower and not the wedding!
    Good luck to you and hope you will come back and let us know how it

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