Free - Two Wine Charms

Kumala USA is giving out two free wine charms for doing their Kumala Safari Challenge.

While supplies last, receive two Kumala wine charms when you take the Safari Challenge, while supplies last. Valid only in USA, void where prohibited. Charms will be shipped to valid addresses within two months.

1. What animal is the largest land mammal in South Africa?

Blue Whale
x African Elephant

2. Who is the winemaker at Kumala?

Ben Stiller
Ben Kingsley
x Ben Jordaan
Ben Afleck

3. Which South African wine is characterized by "Ripe red and black berry fruit aromas, followed by rich fruit flavors with peppery spice and a smokiness on the finish"?

Cabernet Sauvignon
x Shiraz

4. Which of the following animals is NOT considered one of the "Big 5" African Animals?

X Warthog

5. Which of the following wine regions is NOT in South Africa?

x Santa Barbara
Cape Town

6. What famous landmark resides in beautiful Cape Town. South Africa?

The Pyramids
x Table Mountain
Sahara Desert
Eiffel Tower

7. How long has South Africa been producing wine?

x 300 years
190 years
50 years
67 years

8. Who is South Africa's most famous citizen?

x Nelson Mandela
Britney Spears
Ernie Els
Paris Hilton