Apply to Test a Free Computer from VOC Online

VOConline would like to invite you to apply to a
computer usability study. We are looking for a wide
range of people to participate, from novices to
experienced computer users. All you need to do is just
be willing to give us your feedback on your experience
with this test.

If selected, you will be sent everything you need to
complete the tasks free of charge. You will have the
opportunity to use PC with the Vista OS as your primary
computer for an 8-week time period. This test is about
personal computer software for next-generation PC
hardware products. At this point we anticipate that
this experience program will run from early October
2007 to early December 2007.

Your responsibility will be to use the product as your
primary computer for the 8-week period. You be
provided with a series of online To Do tasks and
Surveys over the 8-week period.

To participate, you must be available to test the
product from early October 2007 through early December
2007. (Web registration required, see below.) If you
are accepted, you will be notified within a couple of
weeks. Otherwise, we will keep your information for
future programs.

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We are looking for evaluators who can do the following:

* Use this computer as their primary computer for the
evaluation period. You may install your own
software and data on this computer to encourage you
to use it as your primary home computer.
* Other family members may use this computer as well,
as long as you are the primary person to fill out
the To-Do?s and Surveys.
* Use this computer at least once a day, if not more.
* Make clear decisions on what you like or don?t like
about aspects of the system.

During the testing period we request and encourage you
to report to any and all problems, issues, suggestions,
comments, ideas and/or questions regarding the product.
You will be able to easily communicate with us through
your personal VOConline Feedback Center.

There are specific areas of interest where your
feedback will be particularly valuable. These include:

* Product ease of use
* Customer satisfaction with aspects of the system
* Product installation issues
* Error messages/defects

Our intention is to leave the product at your home for
the entire evaluation period. In certain situations,
however, it may be necessary to remove the unit early.
You will not incur any shipping costs.

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1) To apply, point your browser to: ... 3EE44D15E7

Please take a few moments to complete the requested
information, then click: 'Save' or ?Submit.?

Please note that the units that you will be asked to
test will be determined by the information that you
provide here.

If you have friends or family who may have an interest
in evaluating a consumer PC, feel free to forward the
link below to them and they can apply as well.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
us by sending email to:

Thank you for your time and consideration!

-- The SWEV Beta Team
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