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Kids just want to fit in with their friends ? but bedwetting can really make them feel out of place. They need to know they?re not alone ? 5 to 7 million kids in the U.S. share this little secret, and it isn?t anyone?s fault. The good news is that bedwetting is a stage most kids outgrow by age 11. Until then, GoodNites? Underpants ? and now GoodNites? Sleep Boxers for boys and GoodNites? Sleep Shorts for girls ? can help give kids the courage to not let bedwetting rule their lives.

GoodNites? Sleep Boxers and Sleep Shorts have the same trusted wetness protection as GoodNites? Underpants, so your kids won?t lose sleep over the possibility of an accident. But the big news is they look, fit and feel like regular boxers and sleep shorts ? so they blend right in with what other kids are wearing to bed.

Provide a nightlight or small flashlight by the bed, in case your child needs to get up throughout the night
Keep a spare set of sheets and blankets in your child?s room
Leave the bedroom door open so they can get you if they need to
Talk to your child about what to do if they wake up wet. Being prepared and giving your child support is important. They will overcome this stage faster with patience and understanding.