October 13th - Renuzit Pearl Scent Samples @ Walmart - SELECT AREAS

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Don?t just cover up odors ? eliminate them with the assortment of Renuzit? Super Odor Neutralizer air fresheners. Renuzit?s Pure Clean technology gets rid of unwanted odors while each fragrance leaves your home smelling fresh. Choose from sprays, scented oils and continuous-acting air fresheners in a wide variety of scents. Whether you want to give your home a quick spritz before a party or find something that works around the clock, Renuzit has a solution for you.

Introducing Renuzit?s Pretty Pearls
New Renuzit? Pearl Scents? is the first and only odor-eliminating, continuous-action air freshener with new scented beads. Without a plug or flame, Pearl Scents eliminates odors plus leaves your house with one of three beautiful fragrances and looks great doing it! The beads will shrink down as the product is used so that you will know when to replace it. Stop by a participating Wal-Mart on October 13 to learn more.