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You helped create it. You made it #1. Now help AG Hair Cosmetics develop a shampoo and conditioner to complement its top product ? re:coil curl activator.

Tell us what you want in a curl enhancing combo and you could be part of AG?s exclusive test group. 25 ?matchmakers? will be chosen to test, try and talk to us about the new re:coil shampoo and conditioner as it?s being developed. 1 will be lucky enough to see it get made at AG?s Vancouver, Canada facilities. And, it doesn?t end there. The first 500 respondents will receive a sample of AG?s must-have product ? re:coil curl activator.

25 survey respondents will be chosen randomly in November 2007 to receive developmental samples of re:coil shampoo and conditioner. The testers will be expected to provide ongoing feedback to AG on the sample products. One survey respondent will win a trip to Vancouver, Canada, to be a part of AG?s launch of the new curl duo.