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Every person who drives a Toyota truck with over 200,000 miles on it has a story to tell. And now, thanks to Toyota Truck Nation, they have a place to tell it.

The all-new online club at gives this exclusive group of owners the tools to share their experiences, post a photo of their Tacoma or Tundra and create an electronic billboard featuring their high-mile rig. In addition to the virtual goodies, participants will also receive a special license plate frame, stickers and -- if they provide a photo -- a T-shirt.

For Toyota, the site is an opportunity to bring to life its trucks' underlying traits of Quality, Dependability and Reliability (QDR). "Testimonials are also a great way to credibly spread the word about our trucks' long-term durability -- a product strength that we're not as widely recognized for as QDR," says Rich Bame, national market development manager -- Truck Operations, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. "These folks want to tell their stories and we want to acknowledge their accomplishments. At the same time, we want to share these real-life experiences with customers who might be new to the brand."

The real payoff for owners, however, is bragging rights. Take, for example, Greg G. of Cocoa Beach, Florida. In 1998, he bought a used 1992 Tacoma with 80,000 miles on it. He has since added an additional 125,000 miles with a trip across the U.S., through the American West and into Costa Rica. He writes, "We surfed many places and had to use the 4WD muchos veces [many times]. The truck lived in Costa Rica for two years before I made the trek back. It's at 205,000 miles now, but it still likes a road trip."

And then there's Anthony M. of Rome, New York, who tells of the day he ventured deep into the woods on a fishing trip in Massachusetts with his Tundra. He negotiated downed trees, muddy rivers, a logger's path and other obstacles -- at one point, squeezing by a gate on just two wheels. "This is the truck of my dreams," writes Anthony. "I am forever buying a Tundra because it is unbreakable with a powerful 4x4."

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