The Meow Mix Acatemy

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Attention Cat Lovers...The Meow Mix Acatemy ? the World's First Feline-Centric School, opens in New York City to Teach Pet Parents How to Think Like a Cat

The "cat's out of the bag" as Meow Mix Acatemy offers classes and guest speakers to help pet parents connect with their felines, while raising money for animal shelters across America. The Meow Mix Acatemy features an all-star faculty of some of the world's top authorities on cats ? including feline behaviorists, cat therapists, veterinarians and pet psychics ? and a curriculum that will educate students about everything cat-related, including how they think, eat, play, sleep and exercise, and most importantly, what they're trying to tell us.

Plus, for every person who visits the Meow Mix Acatemy, Meow Mix brand will donate one pound of food to our less fortunate friends at a local animal shelter.

Learn more about Meow Mix Acatemy and enter to win a cat-inspired culinary adventure with Chef Cat Cora.