FREE Prevacid Instant Savings Card - Good For Up To $25 Off All Refill -Beyond the Burn program

With Prevacid, you not only relieve your acid reflux symptoms. Prevacid helps heal the damage caused by acid reflux disease, known as erosive esophagitis. When you join the Beyond the Burn program, you?ll get an instant savings card good for up to $25 off every Prevacid refill.

Take a moment to register now for the Beyond the Burn program. Once we process your request, you will receive your enrollment kit including your savings card and much more.

To take advantage of your Beyond the Burn Savings Card, you have to have a prescription for Prevacid. If you?re not already taking Prevacid, talk to your doctor to see if Prevacid is right for you.

If you have lost your savings card, or have any questions about this program please call 1-800-458-2300.

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