Buy Throughout The Year
We keep a plastic tub (a large Rubbermaid one) with notebook paper, folders, report covers, printer paper, construction paper, pencils, pens, erasers, markers and any other supplies. We buy all the supplies as we find them, at garage sales, thrift shops and on clearance at shops and office supply stores. Then there is very little to buy when school starts or during the year. It saves many special "having to pay the price" trips just for more paper or a folder. It has saved us lots of money over the years. There is always something in there that will fit the need.

This time of year we found Crayola Crayons (24ct) for .08 a box at walmart, crayola markers for .88 a box, 1 subject notebooks for .08 each.

Buy a bunch and you will have be able to supply the kids throughout the year. Also- these work great for last minute birthday presents when the kids decide that they want to go to their friends bday party at school.