The Diabetes Management Planner:
Everything Your Patients Need to Stay Healthy? and Organized!
Developed in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association, the Diabetes Management Planner by Day-Timers helps your patients capture vital health information quickly and easily, in one convenient place.

Free Sample Planners for Your Patients

We?ll send you a free Educator?s Kit ?filled with 30 samples of the Diabetes Management Planner ? so you can give your patients a sample book to try for themselves! Please call 1-800-225-5005 to request your FREE Educator's Kit Today!

Your Free Educator's kit includes:

10 Desk -Size ( 5?? x 8?? ) Day-Timer Diabetes Management Planner sample books
20 Pocket-Size ( 3?? x 6??) Day-Timer Diabetes Management Planner sample books
Educational Pamphlet ? Helps you quickly show patients how to use their planner
Informative Wall Poster ? Introduces the Diabetes Management Planner and encourages patients to ask you for their free sample

Self-management is the key to living successfully with diabetes. And your complimentary Educator?s Kit helps you put your patients on the road to better self-management by giving them an effective, easy-to-use tool that:

HELPS capture vital information about their diabetes.
ENCOURAGES daily monitoring to maintain blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels in or near their target range. Not only helps your patients feel better, but also assists in preventing or delaying complications like nerve, eye, kidney, and blood vessel damage, and?

ASSISTS you in providing the most personalized care possible. Ask to review your patients? Diabetes Management Planners so you?ll have the information to recommend changes in their diet, medication, or exercise activities.

Your Educator Kit samples get your patients started monitoring their vital information. We urge you to recommend that they continue on this positive path by ordering the full-yearDiabetes Management Planner. (Easy ordering directions are included inside each sample book). Of course, if anything fails to meet their expectations, they can return it for a prompt refund, exchange, or credit ? no questions asked.

Empower Your Patients to Better Health!
Please call 1-800-225-5005 to request your FREE Educator's Kit Today!