CVS Photo - 70 FREE prints per email address

70 FREE photos per email account! (latest promotion is 20 more, see below) Be sure to to the first "Get 10 Free" FIRST; then order doesn't seem to matter.

Get 10 Free: You get 10 free prints credited when you create an account. Go to:
Click on Start Now to create an account with your email and ExtraCare Number. (If you do'nt have an ExtraCare Card, pick one up at CVS or have mailed at Do this before the 30 below, and CVS will send you an email crediting you with 10.

Get 30 More Free: Then, to get 30 more credited (or go here first if you have created an account before)

Get 10 More :Free Then under ?Order Prints,? click on the "Do More with Your Photos" on the right side of the screen. A new window then opens that shows 10 more free prints have been credited.

Latest Update: you can get 20 more free prints by filling out this survey about their digital sundays Thanks wikipost :