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    Default Valentines Day games for kids in school

    Valentine's Day Guessing Game
    Who? You! What? This fun family game! Make it and play together.
    Activity time: 15 min.
    Difficulty: Easy
    What you'll need:
    Your choice of SNICKERS? Brand Miniatures Filled Plastic Hearts,
    M&M'S? Brand Milk Chocolate Candies Filled Plastic Hearts, or
    SKITTLES? Brand Bite Size Candies Filled Plastic Hearts (the amount
    of Plastic Hearts needed depends on the number of players)
    3 sheets colorful construction paper or card stock
    Felt pen
    Double-sided tape
    Heart-shaped Valentine's stickers, optional
    What to do:
    Using scissors, cut the construction paper into ribbon-style strips,
    8-1/2 x 2 inches.
    Using double-sided tape, tape one strip to the bottom of each Plastic
    Heart, leaving just enough of the strip showing to write on.
    Randomly decorate the strips with heart-shaped Valentine's stickers.
    With a felt pen, write a one-line description describing each member
    of your family on a strip of paper?have fun with your descriptions!
    Place the various Plastic Hearts at the center of a table. One at a
    time, everyone chooses a heart and then tries to guess who is being
    Friendship Bracelet
    This pretty bracelet is a terrific gift for kids to share with their
    schoolmates. AND it's made with delicious DOVE? Brand Chocolate
    Prep time: 5 min.
    Difficulty: Easy
    What you'll need:
    1 bag DOVE? Brand Milk or Dark Chocolate Hearts

    12 inches pink or red ribbon
    12 inches Velcro?
    What to do:
    Cover the backs of 5 DOVE? Brand Milk or Dark Chocolate Hearts with
    Cut 12 inches of pink or red ribbon.
    Starting three inches from the end of the ribbon, adhere five bars to
    the ribbon so one side of the Velcro? is adhered to the ribbon and
    the other side is adhered to the DOVE? Brand bar.
    Make sure to leave at least three inches on the other end so you can
    tie your delicious bracelet on your friend.
    Makes 1 bracelet.
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