FREE "Nancy Drew" Get A Clue! Mystery Slumber Party Kit

Do you have a daughter or know of a girl between the ages of 7 and 14 that loves mystery novels, new movies and gossiping with her girlfriends? Then, we want to provide you with a built in party-in-a-box, where your daughter and her friends can work with "Nancy Drew" to uncover hidden secrets!

Register today to host a "Nancy Drew" Get A Clue! Mystery Slumber Party at your home and the first 250 households to qualify will receive a great party kit (free!) from Warner Bros. Pictures in anticipation of the new film "Nancy Drew" starring Emma Roberts, which opens in theatres nationwide on Friday, June 15th!

The "Nancy Drew" Get A Clue! Mystery Slumber Party kit includes:

(1) "Nancy Drew" sneak preview DVD
(6) "Nancy Drew" T-shirts
(1) $25 AMEX gift card to purchase party refreshments
(1) "Nancy Drew" Get a Clue! Scavenger Hunt Game Instructions
(3) "Nancy Drew" Prize Packs including:

* A "Nancy Drew" Lipstick Pen
* A "Nancy Drew" Sleuth Notebook
* A "Nancy Drew" iPod Nano cover

After the film opens on June 15th in theatres everywhere, if you are one of the first 100 hosts to fill out a post-party questionnaire online and upload digital pictures from your party we will send you an autographed poster from "Nancy Drew," signed by Emma Roberts!

Are you interested? Just sign up at and if you're selected we will send you the "Nancy Drew" Get A Clue! Mystery Slumber Party kit!!! Then, gather the girls, pull out your sleeping bags and get ready to solve some mysteries!!!!

Hurry, only the first 250 people who qualify will be eligible to receive a party kit!