Relax..It will be OK if you do not have all that the school asks for
on the first day of school. Just in case no one has told you this I
will tell you what is reality. I was much like many of you. Yikes
all this at the beginning of school! I can't do all of it. And in
reality you do not have to. Here is what happens...the tissue is
used for the whole class..they use one box at a time. So that you
can put off. Same gos for the glue. They do not use it all right
away. It is for the whole school year...the dry erase marker are new
to me so I am not sure. 1 box of crayons is plenty and in fact when
I was able to send what they wanted my son would get stuff taken
from him. It is had to call it stolen as they share and give during
the first few years...till it is something THEY love like a
collectors card. With my boy once a Pokemon card was taken that
ended the "trading"....Now what kid is going to use all those (12)
pencils the first month of school? Again they all got lost and I had
to supply my boy with MORE later anyway...The folder they
fact try to get a couple as the one become way to full and torn and
you do not know it till time for you to visit the class...They need
the markers asked for.

Try to mark everything with your child's name..clothes
boy lost very cool stuff and later had not as nice stuff because the
other kids grab the jacket and take it home. There will be a big box
of lost and found. You see at first when school starts it is chilly
and then gets warm out on the playground so they strip off the
jacket or sweater and drop it in the play field "somewhere"

Also later in school grades if you send a thermos full of nice food
and they forget to bring it home over the weekend you do not get it
back till late Monday at the earliest and by then it is nasty.. So

you will wash it Monday night and have it ready for Tuesday. It can
throw off a mom/parents well planned food schedule into the trash.
I started not sending the thermos on Fridays. Those were the special
day that I let him eat the (greasy) Pizza or whatever the school
lunch menu has. Speaking of which. There will be those day when your
child brings home there whole lunch box full of food. Why you
wonder? Best advise. You can visit your child at lunch time to have
lunch with them..that is the only way to see why..

I have little else to offer..sorry..just experience and advise..a
small thing but that is all I have those of you looking for
supplies. Barb