I thought I'd share what I'm doing for favors for the wedding. It
is a civil war themed wedding, so I had wanted to buy sandlewood
fans for the women and cigars for the men. But alas, uncle sam took
most of the money I had in the wedding budget when we filed on the

Soooo, I'm using the idea from the http://www.budget101.com site of making
paper fans. I didn't have wallpaper, so I used my greeting card
program to print out sheets of paper that were covered with roses.
I can get two fans out of a sheet. I'm cutting the top edge with
decorative scissors and tying the bottom with narrow ribbon.

I used a sheet of clear labels to print our names and the date, and
I cut the labels into thin strips that I could put on the ribbon.
That way it looks like our names on printed on one ribbon tail and
the date on the other.

If I can find the strip of craft magnet I came across the other day
I'm going to glue a magnet to the back of each fan. If not maybe
I'll cut up some of those advertising magnets that people stick
their business cards to! lol