Clorox Free Clean up the classroom Kit, For Teachers

Help rid the classroom of germs that may cause illness with a free Clorox? Clean Up the Classroom! kit**. You can pre-register now for a kit for your classroom next year or nominate a teacher to receive one.

The multimedia kit contains:
Coupons for disinfecting and sanitizing products
Educational information on germs in the classroom
Fun activities for your students
Pre-register for your kit today!
Kits should arrive in September 2007.

Teachers, remember to:

* Check with your principal and school that it's okay to use and accept donations of Clorox? Disinfecting Wipes.
* Remind moms & dads to donate Clorox? Disinfecting Wipes to the classroom, but make sure parents bring it themselves! Kids should not be carrying them.
* Keep the kids from using the wipes on themselves or anywhere else - this isn't a baby wipe or a toy! If you find a canister in student's hands, please replace with a book instead!
* Use as directed.