Greenies Dental package (US&CA)


I want in, how do I join?

It?s simple. Pledge to make a difference in your dog?s life and we?ll reward you with a complimentary dog dental care package that encourages you to take care of your dog?s oral health.

Visit your vet and we?ll give you a $20.00 VET VOUCHER to save on your dog?s next teeth cleaning.

Start a daily dental routine. We?ll get you started with a FREE sample of new Greenies? dental chew.

Keep up your dog?s dental care. We?ll send you a reminder to make a dental appointment in six months.

Spread the word. Send ecards about the importance of dog oral health.
Simply fill out the form below and we?ll send you a free sample of a new Greenies? dental chew! You?ll also be able to immediately print a $20 rebate form for your dog?s next dental cleaning at your vet?s office. "