COMPLIMENTARY entree of CESAR? canine cuisine

To our valued CESAR? family:

In this time of uncertainty, sadness and confusion, please rest assured that CESAR? Brand foods were NOT part of the recent national pet food recall involving Menu Foods and other companies. Every gourmet entree CESAR? carefully and lovingly creates always was, and still is a completely safe and secure way to not only nourish your pet, but to love them back as well.

There is nothing more important to us than preserving the loving relationship you have with your dog. Which is why CESAR? creates delicious, expertly prepared entrees that we know you can continue to serve with the utmost confidence. This is our commitment to you, now and always. We'd like to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY entree of CESAR? canine cuisine.

Given this recent unfortunate episode, we know some pet owners will be searching for new, delicious safe pet food alternatives. Our thoughts are with those affected by the recall. Our little friends do so much for us, so know that you can confidently and safely return their love with CESAR? Canine Cuisine.


The dog lovers from the CESAR? Brand