Michigan Is Amazing - Free T-Shirt for Story

Do you think Michigan is amazing? Better yet, do you have a story
that tells us why you think so? We're looking for posts that fit one
of the five blog categories (people, places, events, organizations,
things) that explain why Michigan is such an amazing place to be.

Our staff will pick the most amazing stories submitted and post them
on the blog. If we pick your story, you'll receive a free t-shirt! But
even if we don't, we'll still send you a small gift for sharing your
story with us.

At the end of every month, five published stories will be chosen to
contend for the "most amazing find" of that month, and then be voted
on by our readers. The winner of that vote will receive an amazing Michigan-themed gift basket loaded with a variety of prizes and goodies.

Stories should be no longer than 300 words and may include a photo.