Free Nascar Sunoco Decal InStore* or Mail In*sweepstakes also

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Your decal is there waiting.


We'll mail it right to you. Hand print your name, complete address, age and telephone number on a 3"x5" card or piece of paper and mail it in a postage prepaid envelope to:

"The Sunoco Free Fuel 5000" Sweepstakes
c/o Logistix Marketing, Inc.
P.O. Box 781298
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Limit one (1) Decal per request; one request per envelope.

Mail-in requests must be postmarked no later than 8/15/07.

Your Decal will be placed in the mail to you on or about 5 days after receiving your mail-in request. Requests will not be acknowledged (other than by sending you a Decal) or returned. Proof of sending will not be deemed proof of receipt by Administrator. No mechanical or other reproductions of Decal requests will be accepted.

Put your decal on your car where it is easy to spot.
HOW TO PLAY; DETERMINATION OF POTENTIAL FIRST PRIZE WINNERS: After you get your Decal, you should place it in a conspicuous location (such as the rear bumper or window) of your vehicle. Official ?Spotters? from USM&P, an independent judging organization, will be on the lookout for vehicles with a Decal displayed. At unannounced times and dates during the Sweepstakes Period, Spotters will be located at or around randomly selected Participating Sunoco/ APlus Retailers in the Eligible States to ?spot? vehicles displaying the Decal. An equal number of spotting locations will be randomly selected by Administrator within each Sunoco channel of trade (company operated, dealer/franchisee and distributor) from among Participating Sunoco/APlus Retailers. If you are ?spotted? with a Decal on your vehicle by a Spotter, the Spotter will determine your eligibility to participate in accordance with the eligibility requirements described in Section 1 above. Decals must be displayed on vehicle prior to entering a spotting event location to be eligible. The Spotter must approach you; if a Spotter is present at a location but does not approach you, you will not be eligible to receive an Award Letter. If your eligibility to play is verified, you will receive an Award Letter which will advise you that you have won one of the First Prizes described in Section 7 below and that you are eligible to enter the random drawing for the Grand Prize described in Section 9. The Spotter will provide you with your First Prize on the spot. Every Award Letter is a winner (subject to verification of eligibility, as noted above). See below for important details and deadline in order to qualify for inclusion in the Grand Prize random drawing.

7. FIRST PRIZES: A maximum total of seven thousand (7,000) First Prizes will be available to be won. Each First Prize awarded at/near a Sunoco location will consist of one (1) Sunoco $10 Gift Card redeemable for $10 in Sunoco? Gasoline or other products and services at Participating Sunoco/APlus Retailers. Each First Prize awarded at/near an APlus location will consist of one (1) Sunoco $10 Gift Card redeemable for $10 in Sunoco? Gasoline or other products and services at Participating Sunoco/APlus Retailers plus (1) APlus $10 Gift Card redeemable for $10 in products and services at Participating Sunoco/APlus Retailers. . Approximate Retail Value (?ARV?) of all available First Prizes is $70,000. There is no limit on how many times you can win a First Prize, however, limit one (1) First Prize per vehicle/household per day, provided you are ?spotted? (as defined in these Rules). Odds of obtaining an Award Letter depend on the number of decals distributed, the date, time and location of a ?spotting?, and the number of eligible entrants present at the ?spotting?.