FREE Chef Jax Barkery Sample

We only use Human Grade Ingredients in our treats.
No added fats*, sugar or salt.
No preservatives, artificial meat flavorings animal byproducts or
We taste Every treat that we make! They are made with the
same care and safe handling as if a human were to consume them.
So if you like try one!
Got a real picky eater? Want a sample to see if he/she will like
it? Contact us we will be happy to send a free sample.
Want to bake for your dog? We can sell you "Take n' Bake"
unbaked biscuits, just keep in your freezer and bake as you need!
Contact us for Take n' Bake.
~We update this site weekly so check back for new products
and pictures~

We cater to all dogs sizes, mouth strength and nutritional needs
if needed we can make it
Crunchy or Soft
Big or Small
Lowfat or Nonfat
Whole grain or No grain
White or Wheat

Where else to find Chef Jax's Treats: and type in "Chef Jax" to find our treat auctions!
NC customers please don't bid as you may qualify for free
Orders can be placed by mail or through PAYPAL.
Contact us to get all the details!
*No Added fat like: grease, lard ect.
We only use good fats like eggs, olive oil, peanut oil, cream cheese
which are good for the coat and skin.