This is a quick and good recipe. I use deer most of the time but it works well with beef too.

2 cans beef consumme
1 can French onion soup (or two envelopes of the dried kind)
1 chooped lrg onion
beef or deer
French bread or sub buns

Put meat in the crock pot. Add consumme and soup. Chop onion and add. Add water to top of meat and cover. Let cook on low all night and day or high all day. Drain the meat and reserve the juice. Shred the meat. Use the broth fo dipping or thicken it for gravy.

I serve these on sub buns with cheese on top and toasted in the oven. My husband will eat these for days. I have also added green peppers to the broth but it can be a bit to strong so I fry them up on the side.