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    Default Patriotic Flag

    Patriotic Flag
    This is a simple craft for kids to make. Minimal supplies are needed and they'll be proud to show their patriotic spirit and display their talents as well!

    You will need

    Craft Sticks
    1 medium and 1 small Woodsies star shape
    Red, white and blue paints

    Paint 6 craft sticks red, 3 craft sticks - 1 medium and 1 small star white, 2 craft sticks blue. Let dry.

    Using wire cutters or side cutters (parental supervision recommended), cut the following: Cut two red craft sticks into 2-1/2" lengths. Cut 1-1/2" from rounded ends of each blue craft stick to yield four pieces. Discard scrap pieces.

    On a flat surface, alternately position four red and three white craft sticks side-by-side for flag stripes. To hold stripes together, glue red craft stick pieces perpendicular across craft stick stripes. Let dry. Position and glue blue craft stick pieces on upper right hand corner of flag, aligning cut edges of craft sticks with edge of flag. Glue white stars to flag. Let dry.

    Optional: Glue magnet to back of flag.
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