Free DVD - "John Stossel in the Classroom'

Use John Stossel's 20/20 segments?specially selected by John for your classroom?to spark thoughtful, engaging, curriculum-driven class discussions. Here's what you get free with the STOSSEL IN THE CLASSROOM program:

? FREE 20-minute DVD, which includes four segments from 20/20, chosen and edited specifically for the classroom. In the 2007 DVD are:

Stereotypes: How much do expectations of success or failure influence how students actually perform? John Stossel examines whether a bold experiment from decades ago still holds true today.

Foreign Aid: Some say that more foreign aid is the answer to poverty in Africa. But after billions of dollars in aid, individual Africans are worse off than before. John Stossel asks the experts: is there a better way to help the poor?

Price Gouging: After natural disasters, some businesses raise prices on essential goods and services. Is that evil? Exactly the opposite, say three Nobel Prize-winning economists. John Stossel uncovers why in this lesson about supply and demand.

Oil supplies: It's a common belief that America is running out of oil. John Stossel digs for the truth behind this popular myth.

? FREE downloadable and printable Teacher Guide with suggested discussion topics and activities for your classroom to supplement your Stossel in the Classroom's 2007 video

Both the free DVD and the downloadable Teacher Guide will be available this Fall. Place your order now, and we will send you your free DVD as soon as it is available. Or check back with us soon for more details!