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If you aren't already enrolled at vocalpoint, sign up first at and then sign up for the free trial.

Noodlenet does not require any credit card information for the 14-day trial.

NoodleNet? is a PC computer program that creates a completely safe world
on your PC computer where kids 3-12 can freely learn, play and explore.
NoodleNet is not compatible with the Mac operating system.

It offers:

? Total online safety ? kids don?t get to bad stuff & bad stuff doesn?t get to kids
? Continuously updated parent-approved websites ? deemed appropriate by people, not
filter programs
? Age-appropriate learning activities ? audio/visual books, puzzles and more
? Desktop security ? kids can?t access your important files or PC settings

We?re inviting you to try NoodleNet? free so your perspectives and opinions can help shape how this product is developed. Here?s how it works:

? Request a trial CD-Rom and explore NoodleNet? for 14 days
? We?ll send you a diary to track your thoughts in, as well as a few emails to keep
you fully involved in the creation of this program
? To thank you for all your help and input, after you complete the surveys in the product and return your diary in the return envelope provided we?ll mail you a Vocalpoint gift pack!

Have fun exploring your free trial of NoodleNet?.

Your thoughts and opinions will influence how NoodleNet? offers your kids the safest way to learn, play and explore on the computer.

When you?ve completed your trial, we?ll send you a Vocalpoint gift pack as a thank you!*