Skincare Product - Scar Treatment, Essential Oil, Facial Rejuvination

An oil blend saturated with the essential oils of everlasting (helichrysum), rose absolute, and frankincense in Chilean rose hip oil (Rosa rubiginosa). Synergistic properties include skin renewal, eliminating scar tissue (even keloids) and tissue regeneration, helping to prevent signs of aging and minimizing wrinkles. Proven to fade age spots. Other uses include treatment of dry, scaly skin, dull skin, eczema, psoriasis, over-pigmented skin, ulcerated veins, dark under-eye areas and small broken blood vessels on facial area. .

Email for a Free Sample This oil must be refrigerated -- the rosehip oil has a very delicate keeping quality. Any change in the scent or color may indicate that it is no longer usable. We make and sell only small quantities to eliminate this possibility. Massage 2-4 drops into area of need once or twice daily. You may safely increase this amount as needed. This product is not recommended for use on active acne. Once acne is gone, scars can be treated.