Cleaning Product from Soysafe

SoySafe? Products, Inc. is focused on developing safe, non-toxic and naturally biodegradable products. Our SoySafe? products were developed to fill a void in the availability of commercial, non-toxic cleaners that really work. After several years of extensive research and development, SoySafe? Products, Inc. has emerged as a leader in safe, all natural, effective and competitively priced cleaning products.

Our products are made from soybeans and contain no harsh or toxic chemicals. They are safe to use around children and will not harm the environment. Additionally, by using 100% all natural ingredients, SoySafe products do not trigger allergenic reactions or cause concern for persons with asthma or sensitive skin.

SoySafe? Products are certified biodegradable by Scientific Certification Systems (800-EC0-FACTS). Our products break down through the actions of carbon dioxide, basic minerals and water.

Our mission is to provide consumers with safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that work as well as, or better than, leading "toxic" brands and to offer them at a competitive price. Our goal is to get our products into the hands of all customers who want to make a difference.

Once you know that SoySafe? Products are an effective alternative to cleaning products filled with harsh chemicals, are safe to use around children and will not harm your environment, we are confident that you will realize they are the best choice!