Wow!!! This site is amazing!!! I found this website through a link on Facebook. I didnt get too far into it until today and I am amazed!!! There is so much that this site offers it is a bit over whelming until i realized that there is step by step help every where I look!!! Thank YOU.
About me.... I am 26 and live in NW Ohio. I am originally from NE Ohio. A little over 5 years ago when I was still pretty young my life took a whole new meaning I never could have imagined. Suddenly this young new wife became a mommy to 3 young children. my husband at the time and I recieved custody of my brothers 3 children (5,3,and 14 months old at the time!!!) My life has not been the same since then, THANK GOD!!! Over the years I have come to learn the struggles of having 3 children alll to well.
That is why I am so thankful for this website! I have recently came to the conclusion that I no longer want to struggle to make ends meet. SO I am finally stepping into the world of sales, coupons, and money saving. All things that I never really paid much attention to til recently. IF there was something I/we needed I bought it period. I am ashamed of my younger self for the way I treated money and goods that I spent that money on. But thankfully to all the wonderful resouces I am finding I have faith that through patience and eagerness to learn, I will get the hang of this new way of life that I am eagerly stepping into.
I look very forward to exploring every inch of this website, learning all there is to offer, and getting to know and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

Thank you for your help, support and knowledge.